shiny. let's be bad guys.

If you're looking for content, this is not it. I've been quiet for the past few days and — I swear it's true, that girl is evil — it's Tessa's fault. She's given me a minefield of cover songs. I love me my cover songs. I am now surrounded and happily drowning in fifty versions of the same song. Life is good, sometimes.

So, things I've realised over the past couple of days:

First, my cat can quack. I shit you not. It's not in his conscious control, but there you have it.

Second, The Righteous Brothers did not write Unchained Melody. Colour me slightly less ignorant now.

Also, the gag reel on the Australian release of Firefly is not the same as that on the American release. This displeases me mightily, because the Australian release seems to have a whole gobload less. I wouldn't mind if we had more, but come on. Less? Especially when that less apparently involves Zoe and Mal shimmying? At least we seemed to get the same gagreel for Serenity, but that doesn't mean I'm mollified.

Again with the Firefly: Jayne is so very quotable, ain't he?

Finally (just for Tess and Suzanne): I stopped for lunch yesterday when every word I typed had at least one (and more usually three) letter k's. Seriously. Fifty pages of the letter k. 😉1

I'll be in my bunk.

  1. Yes, it's an in-joke. Yes, you had to be there. Trust me, it's not even that funny for those who were. It's just a catchcry, really. Up there with Shut your mouf! []

7 thoughts on “shiny. let's be bad guys.

  1. The bad news about the Ctrl+Del episode? Is those links don't download anything for me. Has he moved them?

    The good news is that lidi, in the firefly icons post I linked to, links to the gagreel she used to make said icons. So at least I have a computer version of it. That's something.

  2. Your cat quacks — mine invokes communist leaders. At least Mao. "Mao! Mao! Maaaaaaaaaaooooooo!"

    I tried to teach him to see "Che," but alas, he didn't go for it. He's very particular about his communist ideologies.

    In general, my cat makes some very odd sounds, including this one that sounds like a coughing noise that sounds like a lion trying to imitate a mouse trying to imitate a lion.

  3. Max is very fond of Mao too, come to think of it. I'll see if I have any luck persuading his political leanings 😉

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