random observations

The kitten has taken to dragging his kill home to me. This means the floor around my desk, where I'm usually to be found, is littered with his offerings. So far, he's "killed" a blanket, my brother's hooded jacket, a toy mouse, a bright yellow stuffed dog wearing a christmas hat, a paper bag, a plastic bag, a paper envelope, a swizzle bird, and a neon pink snuggle pillow. (I'm tormented by thoughts of the day the snuggle pillow eventually disgorges its polystyrene beans.)

It also means that, when he crawls into bed of a night, sometime around midnight, he tries to drag his latest kill in with him. Last night I woke up with the swizzle bird boring through my shoulder. (Considering he has to drag it down the stairs, up onto the couch, from there onto the bed, around me and down under the covers, that's actually quite an achievement.)

Also, according to my (admittedly statistically insignificant) sample, I may be the only person in the known world who hatesloatheshates Heaven icecreams. And Lindt chocolate balls.

6 thoughts on “random observations

  1. And you can hear him coming a mile away, dragging these objects five times longer than he is along the carpet. I literally just sit and giggle while I wait for him to appear. This, naturally, only encourages the behaviour, I'm sure.

    Good to know my sample size has increased by one. One day we'll reach statistical significance. Can't wait 😉

  2. I did wonder exactly how big the blanket was, 'cause he's just a wee kitty with no balls.

    Sam, thankfully, only plays with his actual toys. We buy him Kongs, which cost a lot, but are the only rubber chewy things that he cannot chew into little pieces. He leaves them on the bed too.

  3. It's not so much the saliva that bothers me, but all the hair that gets stuck to them because of the saliva.

    That makes it not just sticky, but gross.

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