your chance to be an agent

Nadia Cornier of the Firebrand Literary Agency has posted a query on her blog, and asks for your response:

A. Reject
B. Request Partial
C. Reject with a request to see future projects

Please give your opinion and state why.

For myself, I think I'd consider a partial. But I know I'll be watcing the comment thread on this one 😉

5 thoughts on “your chance to be an agent

  1. I originally said C in the comment thread but now that I'm at work and woken up more completely, I'd probably say A. Typos, lack of proofreading, it's not YA, and what kind of comparison is that?

  2. Vern: I agree with you on the comparison part. But I like the premise as it's outlined enough to give it a chance. (I think I must be an easy sell, eh?)

    Leigh: did you follow the link to Nadia's blog post? I didn't reproduce the query here, because then I'd basically be stealing her entire post.

  3. I saw the Impractical Romance query. Honestly, the "chatty" line about Editor A got my hackles up right away. Maybe it was the change in tone, I'm not entirely sure. The project itself didn't sound as interesting to me, but an editor's recommendation would be enough to get it over the line for a partial. Haven't seen one after that…? Probably a timezone thang.

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