look away, here be kittens

So, will she ever stop talking about her cat? The always true answer would be: probably not, no. The slightly longer answer would be: she may scale down the frequency, I suppose. Some day.

Anyway, kitten update: the best toy for your cat, if you want to tire him out but don't want to tire yourself out? That would be a ping pong ball on the carpet. Light enough that even the timidest of paw-taps sets it skimming across the carpet, and won't get stuck in corners (unless your kitten hasn't enough enthusiasm, I suppose). Although under cabinets and tangles of cords will bring the fun to a frustrating halt.

In other news, photos of Max and Hakuna from their very first weekend home are now up. As is a photo of Max I took on Tuesday which proves he really is a writer's cat. (Can you guess where's lying now? My left arm is the pillow, this time.) He's been diligently helping me out with the write first project by sleeping for me of a morning.

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