This is it, peoples. Only one sleep to go! I'm flying out ridiculously early tomorrow morning, which means I'm driving out even earlier. I'll be away until Tuesday next week and, since internet connection will be scarcer than at home and since I'll have a kjitten to occupy me anyway, there'll probably be only silence here until I get back.

Have fun! And wish my poor kjitten good thoughts on Monday, because he has to brave a plane to come home with me 🙁

4 thoughts on “kjitten!

  1. Have a good trip! I'll be able to join you in your early morning writes (which will oddly enough, be in your afternoon, I believe, due to the time difference) after you get back. 🙂

  2. He's going in the hold, poor lil mite. We drop him off at 13:30, flight is at 14:30 (both SA times) and we land at 17:30 (NSW time). Then the picking up of the car from the long-term carpark, and the long drive home. And after all of that trauma, the poor little thing has to meet the established house cat! Monday is going to be stressful for all involved, methinks.

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