i got nothing

Except spam. I've a lot of comment spam lately. But that doesn't really count.

This morning I decided, having added a couple of songs to iTunes recently and tweaked some playlists, that I might quickly update the iPod before leaving for work. All of a sudden iTunes decides it has to update 2758 songs. What? We're only up to 732 of said 2758, and I have to leave for work in 0 minutes. This is not ideal.

Also? Today is Magic Casements, and I wanna go. But I am working. This is not ideal either, 'specially since a slew of my buds will be at MC funning things up.

14 thoughts on “i got nothing

  1. Don't worry, Deb. I will go along to MC and give them all The Virus to punish them for your not being there.
    Eeevil Margo.

  2. It is very odd iPod behaviour indeed. And honest to goodness I'm not misusing the term 'couple of songs'. I am wondering if perhaps a very large proportion of those 2000 songs had suddenly switched into the "recently silent" autoplaylist thingummy over the last couple of days…? i honestly don't know.

  3. ……

    I have no idea what 'recently silent' is. I have 'recently played' and '25 most played', and that's it for automatically generated playlists. Must be something on the newer iPods. Sounds like a right annoying playlist too.

  4. it is one of those "doesn't sound particularly useful in concept and is, if possible, even less useful in actuality than it sounds" features. I've just deleted it, actually. Now my only auto playlists are top 25 played, top rated, and never played, since they're the only ones i ever really use.

  5. Man, I don't have never played. That'd make finding the stuff I've added and then can't find much easier to listen to. : /

    ….I just noticed I have a '90's music' auto playlist. Ha!

  6. Clarionettes seen, disease communicated. Hawr, hawr. I was going to go out to dinner and breathe on everyone some more, but I feel too crook now.

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