but i have the opposable thumbs

I'm in a bit of a motivation funk these days: I want to work on anything but what I have open in front of me. This is most peculiar, as I don't normally like juggling projects all that much. But lately I seem to have the attention span of an anxious goldfish, so lots of snippets and jigjags of focus it is. Instead of writing the novel I have started and plotted out, I'm 5,000 odd words into Chapter One of a new novel… of which I only have one chapter. I can feel the stall point approaching rapidly 😉

Also? If I could finish a scene in a sitting, I'm sure my mood would be better. Instead I'm left with a character frozen mid-frame, and I carry that mood around until I have a chance to start the narrative up again. This is okay if the scene was a happy scene. But for a scene involving a massacre? Not so great. Faster, that's what I need, to write faster.

Also, the kitten is sixteen weeks old today. Apparently, somewhere between 14 and 16 weeks signals the start of the feline equivalent of the terrible twos. He is now officially a brat. Last week he figured out how to jump up to the older cat's shelf1, and he's been gobbling her food for the last week. Today he figured out how to jump up to the kitchen bench. Lots and lots of battles of will have ensued. The problem with Burmese being talkative and strong-willed cats is that when you say No, they set their ears back and yowl right back at you. And even when you finally win the fight they'll walk away muttering. Burmese. Always have to have the last bloody word.

  1. We have a set of shelves in the kitchen. The older cat is fed on the second shelf. Baby bratling is fed on the shelf below her. []

7 thoughts on “but i have the opposable thumbs

  1. You're contagious.

    Yesterday I woke up with the sequel to my current story sitting in my head. I hadn't planned on a sequel. At all. Ever.

    And now I'm all excited about it, and even though I haven't finished the first story, I want to start this one. NOW.

  2. Sorry! It's the most frustrating feeling, isn't it? I gave in and started, and really I know it was too soon to start. But it was so nice to have something waiting to pour out rather than pulling the words out that I've just run with it.

  3. Or you could write slower, and let the stories take their time. Sometimes that works, too. 🙂

  4. I could do that, and in fact I am, really. I'm just being reluctant about it, because… because I'm a twit, I suppose 😉

  5. In my experience, for what that's worth, the stories take the time they need to express themselves, so yay for stories and their uncanny ability to know what's best for them!

    I wish I could say the same.

  6. Sometimes, the time stories need to express themselves is NOWNOWNOWAAAAAAAAHHH!!!!!!

    Which usually happens while I'm at work.

    Stories may know what's best for them, but they have crappy timing. Especially unexpected sequels. (omg! post-apocalyptic western!)

  7. I hate when I get into a mood like that. I open a file, type away, then delete everything I've written, because it's not "right". It's not what "really happened". D'oh! What's been helping me lately is attending these hour-long free write sessions at a writing group I stumbled across. The group mod gives you an idea or a sentence or something, and you have an hour to write a story centered around that idea. That's been great! My internal editor has no time to start complaining. She's pretty awful, do I love getting a chance to shut the bitch up. :mrgreen:

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