This morning I did not swallow a cockroach. But it was a rather narrow escape, as said cockroach was swimming in my water bottle. How it survived, spending at least a night swimming around there, I don't know. Seriously, nothing kills these critters, does it?

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  1. Actually, if you take a roach's head off, the body will wander around for about 8 or 9 days before dying of starvation. A midnight swim isn't going to phase one.

  2. Hammers.

    Hammers kill 'em. Maybe even a cocktail called Hammers would kill a cockroach. Wouldn't that be an interesting demise.

    But until we know for sure, stick to hardware.

  3. Dehydration, actually. You can help kill cockroaches by making sure there's no standing water left anywhere. It means drying out the sink and tub by hand 'till the roaches are gone, but it really works.

  4. OMG you poor thing. I'm so sorry for you. I had cockroaches in my apartment when I lived near the beach in South Carolina. The bug spray guy came every other week, but it didn't help. I would go to sleep shivering with fear.

    I hope you find your way free of the little jerks. *shudders*

  5. I could tell you about the time I woke up with a wolf spider sitting on my chest. They're big guys — not quite tarantula size, but not far off, and this one had apparently been into the illegal steroids or something. Spider olympics were so going to be busting her ass. And there she was, sitting on my chest.

    I don't think I slept for a week after that.

    And I did once wake up as a cockroach scurried over my face. That time, well, I don't think I've slept since.

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