The Zen Pen

Carina Gonzalez used to read slush for Realms of Fantasy, which is where I first came across her name. I remember frequently checking her Rumor Mill topic mainly because I subbed to RoF. Boy am I glad I got into the habit. Because her topic is where I first learnt of The Zen Pen, the critiquing service she has set up since leaving RoF. And she has just returned to me her critique of my first novel.

All I can say is wow. And do you know how hard it's going to be, finishing Salamander, with her laundry-list of insights whispering the name of my first novel at me?

On a more serious note, I can highly recommend Carina's services. She comments on word choice and sentence-level stuff, on plot and structure and characterisation, and even on marketability. She doesn't read full novels, only the first 60 pages (I think my novel broke her!). But — for now at least — she's offering all of this for free. Clearly, she rocks.

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  1. I know. She seriously put scads of effort in, and invites further conversation on a piece she's reviewed. She's got to be generating some fairly massive amounts of good karma here!

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