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First day at the new job: Long. Lots of phone-time. Lots of interruptions. Lots and lots of questions posed I simply cannot answer. A banana for lunch. Not much typing. What else? Oh, lots and lots and lots of photos of babies. Botox injections on Wednesday (I am not participating). Have not yet determined whether I have net access (and therefore livejournal friends page access). There's probably more.

Was planning on doing that first lines meme, but can't summon the enthusiasm right now. Maybe later.

In the meantime, some random genetic trivia. I am my father's daughter. This means:

  • I am a photic sneezer (otherwise known as ACHOO syndrome). In my family it's 2-3 sneezes
  • I'm particularly good at collecting post-nominals. Learning is one of my strengths and strongest desires. (Although learning in public? Not so much. I was one of those children who didn't speak until I could speak in sentences. I practise in private.)
  • Applying all this learning in the real world? Not so interesting. This is quite possibly the main reason writing attracts me.
  • I'm lonesome.1 Being alone is my preference most of the time. My social life is a very delicate balance between spending time with friends to ensure my sanity, and spending time alone (or with pets) to recover from the effect people have on me.
  • I can get lost in computers, software, and code. I include the english language as a form of code. (Well, and other languages too, but I'm not fluent in any of them.)
  1. Was it Huck Finn who talks about the difference between lonely and lonesome? I think so. []

3 thoughts on “random trivia

  1. Photic sneezing — dear me, but I suddenly had this thought of, after a long and fruitful life of joy and success, you go to your sweet reward, and that phrase you always hear: "Head towards the light!"

    It might have been Huck with the lonesome/lonely distinction. I remember Harlan Ellison also talking about that kind of distinction, though he used "being alone" and "lonely" — it was in his classic anti-Christmas essay, as I recall (the one with the best essay closing line evah: "And fuck you, Tiny Tim!").

    And learning in private? You know, I never really thrived in school environments, even though I was Gifted and Promising. I think a lot of it was that they always wanted me to learn X, Y, and Z, and I always thought X, Y and Z were dandy, but gosh there's this other stuff, and this stuff over there, and…

  2. Yes. The lonesome thing. Whether or not Huck talked about it.

    A couple of weeks ago, I had a weekend down the coast with some friends from highschool. I don't want to see them again for another month. Too much uruagh.

  3. Saturday I was with all different kinds of new people, meeting and greeting. Sunday I was like, I Don't Want To See Another Human Being At All. It is a delicate balance, but oh so necessary. Someone once said an extrovert is someone who relaxes by being around people, and an introvert is someone who relaxes by being alone. That's me to a T.

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