not an awake person

It's been a little quiet round these parts of late. This is mainly due to the medication I'm on at the moment, which has the oh-so-amusing dual effect of making me so drowsy that I'm having trouble with the whole staying-awake part of daily activities, and at the same time making it impossible to actually fall asleep. This is, quite possibly, my definition of hell. Although hell would involve lots more irritating people, so I suppose I should downgrade it to torment and torture. Anyway.

In more cheering news, I have a day job. Phew! It's part-time, three and a half days a week, which is ideal for the writing time. It's also close to home, only about 3 km or so, so I'm toying with the idea of walking to and from work some days. This plan will very largely depend on weather, and the extent of morning sleep curtailment. And the fact that, if I don't drive the car at least every other day, the battery flattens. (Yes. Still.) Not great money, no; but it's a job I can leave behind me when I walk out the door, and that's something.

5 thoughts on “not an awake person

  1. Congrats on the job, and bummer on the meds. That does sound like hell.

    The job, though. Jobs that you can walk away from have a certain joy. I find myself enjoying myself hugely at the bookstore, and part of it is simply that feeling. I'm not emotionally invested. It's a paycheck, and really nothing else. Well, a paycheck with some rather nice people that I work with, and so I just go to work, and work my butt off, and it's a nice break from the mental stuff like writing. I never feel stressed about it. Very cool. Of course, it's also probably over tomorrow. :-)For now, at least.

  2. Thanks guys. It won't be lots of money, that's for sure. But it'll be some and that's a nice change. And yeah, jobs that are walk-in-walk-out… can be the best thing in the world.

  3. Congratulations on the job.

    The best benefit of a job is that feeling you get that from being a contributing member of society. I miss that feeling sometimes. If only writing paid more.

    I haven't heard from you much lately. I hope all is well.

  4. Hey, you're raising children. That's full-time work and more! But I agree with you on the contributing member feeling. Being unemployed involuntarily is most unpleasant.

    All is well. Last year was rough, but it's over now. Baby steps.

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