6 thoughts on “kjitten countdown

  1. You think this is bad, you're not living with me. My poor patient family are subjected to the kjitten countdown at least thrice-daily.

    If it's any consolation, I'm out of photos of him now. Unless his breeder sends more.

  2. Animals are the best. Heck, I've had my cat like 8 years now and I still get all embarassingly gooey about the little bugger. Good thing I don't have a macho reputation to worry about.

    I'm tempted to point out that, instead of sleeps, you might want to measure the time in "Days to figure out where all the breakable things are, and if they can be moved to safety, and to decide if those favorite shirts/sweaters/shoes should just be put in a strong box for the next 3 years."

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