it's not that i'm lazy

So I think it's fair to say 2001 was a while ago now, right? Let's just all ignore the fact that I still haven't got my travel pics from then scanned in, shall we?

I started on scanning some of them in this morning. It's lucky I don't take very many photos, or I might be too daunted to finish. The first week's photos — of Belgium — are in the Europe gallery. The rest will be coming… oh, when I get round to it 😉

It was strange to go through these photos, though. To remember my short hair. (I actually chopped it shorter again and dyed it dark brown when I got back to Aus.) To remember snow on the streets, because that's not exactly a common feature on the east coast of Australia. To remember how daunting it sometimes was, travelling on my own through countries whose language I couldn't speak. And how amazing it all was.

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