how many? this many

Jodi asks, and I answer. I'm obliging like that. Also, it's the end of a Friday and I still have to work tomorrow and somehow resist the lure of bed tonight so I can write. You know how it goes.

1. If you're a novelist, how many books have you finished at least first drafts of?

Two. Or three if you count the first book as a duology, which is possible. But for the sake of argument, let's say two. The one I've finished, and the one I'm working on.

2. How many of these are books you want to pretend don't exist?

None. (Oh, okay. I do remember writing some strange hodgepodge of The Gummi Bears, Mysterious Cities of Gold, Wind in the Willows (er, if it was set in space), and The Silvery Brumby when I was a stripling. What's truly surprising is that I think there may have been an entirely original character in there somewhere 😉 I suppose if that still existed in draft form I'd want to pretend it didn't exist. And I'd have to bump up the answer to the above by one, right?)

3. How many do you especially like?

I used to love the novel I've finished. Somewhere, deep down, I'm sure I still do. I also used to love the novel I'm working on, but I'm heavily into revision territory now and sometimes it's hard to remember. Especially with all the shiny ideas glimmering that I could start on them now…

4. How many do you have starts of?

Two. (I've been trying to be good. I have notes on a whole lot more, but notes don't count as actual starts.) Although I did wake up this morning with a head full of a scene which will eventually become the opening chapter of a novel. But I haven't written it down, so that doesn't count yet, does it?

5. How many novel first drafts are you working on currently?

Just the one.

6. How many are polished? Like you don't think you can look at them again or you'll explode finished?

One. I used to think I couldn't look at it anymore, but I've had some useful feedback on it recently. Now it's only the whopping size of the manuscript (and the fact I'm working on something different) stopping me from revising straight away.

7. How many ideas do you have swimming in your head for future novels (the other books in a trilogy count)?

Oh lord. There's a sequel to the current novel, which may be one book or two. I'm thinking two. Then there's four stand-alone novels jibbering in my backbrain, distracting me. So that's at least five, probably six.

8. How many of those ideas do you think are good enough to make it to paper?

Oh. I was only counting the ones I thought were good enough. The others get consigned to a notes bin on the hard-drive. If they're not good enough to stick in my backbrain no matter what else I'm doing, they don't feel like a potential novel. (Yet.) So see above.

4 thoughts on “how many? this many

  1. Don't worry. I have to work tomorrow too. And Sunday.

    You know, I thought I had nine worlds, as in just worlds, not counting multiple ideas within worlds, but right now I'm counting four. No, wait, five. No. Seven. Eight.

    Alright, nine. I found them all again. Phew. Was worried for a moment there.

  2. No, that was just counting worlds in which I have formed a novel length idea. Worlds and story ideas tend to form at the same time.

    If I counted short stories, my head would explode.

    How many worlds are you juggling?

  3. H'm, how to count them? There's 3 definite worlds (Not This Earth types). And there's another whose setting I haven't figured out yet! Then there's two novels set in Alternate Earth; think urban fantasy, I suppose. But they're each a different set of urban fantasy rules. So does that count as one world, or two?

    So I suppose I have 4-6, depending on my mood at the time

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