So I'm settling into the routines at work. I'm now attempting to do things without supervision and constant questioning. The result of all this is, of course, to make a zillion and one ridiculous mistakes. Naturally. I have conquered the EFTPOS machine, which demands I input an absolute s'load more numbers than I've ever seen anyone else have to put in. And on top of that likes the access code to be input at least twice during any transaction, if not more. We have an anal retentive EFTPOS machine.

Kitten updated: 14 sleeps to go. My brother has decided that he will call the kitten ouabun.

No writing at all to speak of this week, which makes me sad and frustrated with myself. But new routines demand a little flexibility, I suppose. My recent haul from Amazon arrived a couple of days ago, though, so I'm looking forward to a whole lot of reading soon 😉

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  1. No eftpos machine I've ever used has had an access code, and I've used a lot. That might be why my eftpos machining experience hasn't been as painful.

  2. Dude, I'm having the same problem. I have *time* at night after work, but being on this new schedule kinda makes me feel too frantic to write. I haven't gotten much of anything done for 2 weeks, just a bunch of freewriting like this: "I dunno what to write but I'm going to keep this pen moving or die trying." hehe

    Maybe it will get better. o.o

  3. Tess, you'll be glad to know I have conquered the EFTPOS machine! Yay. Score one for memory-inadequacy over anal retentive machinery 😉

    Holly, I know exactly what you mean. I'm writing reams and reams of notes to self which basically run along the lines of "i want to write but i don't know what i want to write and maybe i'm tired and tomorrow i'll have to do this…" Really hoping it settles soon!

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