This morning, Navicat caught a white-tailed spider.

And we squished what appears to be a male Sydney funnel-web spider in the bathroom. (It is a little hard to tell, what with the squished nature. We've developed a habit of when in doubt, kill first and identify later.) (It could be a male mouse spider, which are apparently often mistaken for funnel webs, but it doesn't look chunky enough.) It was hiding in a pile of clothing

Seriously, if Australia isn't one to instil at least a mild arachnophobia in visitors and inhabitants alike, then you're not thinking about it hard enough.

4 thoughts on “arachnophobia

  1. And the weird thing is, I've never seen a giant monster creepy thing movie set in Australia. Seems like one nuclear or biotechnology meltdown and you'd have Sydney being overrun by giant spiders the size of 747s.

    If I start asking you all sorts of questions about locations and such in Sydney, you'll know I'm cooking up that story :-).

  2. Very good point. We do have a nuclear reactor in Sydney (Lucas Heights), so there's your perfect setting 😉

    Best thing about the Sydney funnel web? The rich suburbs are its habitat. There's a sort of cosmic justice in that.

  3. Oh, man, I could write a story about giant funnel web spiders eating rich people? That might be too much joy for the armchair anarchist in me to handle!

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