Just before New Years, Tobias Buckell linked to Steve Pavlina's article on work space. Which tied in nicely with my urge to restore some order to my own writing area. I used to have a monitor which took up so much of the desk I had to sit sideways to type; ever since I got the flat-screen monitor, and reclaimed some desk space, paperwork started accumulating in piles around me. Not like Jennifer Cruise's desk, but it was unfinished work, and the result was that every time I sat down to work I'd feel daunted by everything I had to get through and overwhelmed by everything wanting my attention now.

So I attacked the desk. It's now actually more cluttered than before, in terms of items on the desk, but the clutter is provided by plants and my teeny water fountain and some candles: all happy-making things which create a soothing atmosphere rather than an overwhelming one.

The fountain is a little hard to see, but it's there, behind the glass tealight holders and in front of the lucky bamboo plants.

What you can't see is the 3-drawer filing cabinet to the left of the desk (which sports the computer tower, the printer, and the moose teddy Suzanne gave me after Clarion).

To the right of the desk is a 2-drawer filing cabinet and then the new bookshelves:

Before you ask, the shelves can fit the other way without hindering the door (which is nice, because the old bookcase couldn't), but I deliberately put them in this way to block my view of the door. It's done wonders for my focus, because now I can leave the door open (which means I don't stifle in the summer heat) and still not see all the random traffic passing the room. I'm one of those nervous types who can't sit with my back to an open door and can't not look up if someone walks past me. Don't stand behind me and expect me not to jump and constantly slew around to examine what you're doing.

That stunning (can you tell he's new?) Moses in the Cradle plant serves a similar function as the shelves: he blocks out the to-do pile stacked on the filing cabinet immediately between him and the bookshelf, so I can concentrate only on what's in front of me. Plus, there's something about a plant with purple or dark red foliage that makes me happy.

5 thoughts on “workspace

  1. I'm lusting after a flat screen for exactly the same reason. Admittedly, if I get one, I won't have nearly as many places to stick my toys-Imeanactionfigures, but so much more rooom!

  2. Your writing space looks so orderly. My desk is always covered with papers, notes, books, and all of my "works-in-progress".

    And it's nice to hear that the moose has a hallowed place in your writing space. 8)

  3. Tess: flat-panel monitor goooooooood. I can sit facing forwards now. RSI almost totally conquered.

    Suzanne: Morris the Moose indeed has a hallowed place. He shares the top of the printer with Jahi, a little leopard (who happens to be bigger than the moose; I feel something is awry with the state of the world there…) Must admit, occassionally the moose leaps from the top of the printer, when he gets sick of me printing stuff out. I found letting papers build up just paralyses from starting again the next day, particularly if I'm feeling the slightest bit stuck, so I had to go for a bit more spartan.

  4. Hey i like the new bookshelf. Thanks for the loan of your Mum
    It was a good day.

    thanks for the books

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