scribbling in the margins

I wrote five stories at Clarion. I swore to myself that, given the writing hiatus Clarion so often induces, I would use the time productively by revising my Clarion stories and submitting them. Since then I have revised and submitted… one. Yes, I am terrible.

I've had mitigating circumstances, of course. I've been writing other things and, well, 2005 was a horrible year. The best thing about it is that it's over. Amen and hallelujah.

So I've put a progress meter in the sidebar, to jog me into revising my stories every time I update. Let's see if it works, eh?

Last night I started revising my week six story, and 'commenting' my week two story. (I think these two are my favourite. If only I could think of titles.) Commenting is where I comb through the handwritten notes my classmates gave me, and transfer them all onto the one master document. It's a long, slow process, but I find it reinforces everything that needs fixing, makes me evaluate what I do and don't have any ideas as to how to fix, and even throws up a few ego-boos as to what worked really well.

I'm on the second page of the first commented manuscript (told you it was slow). And my classmate has been so sweet and mild with pointing out my mistakes, but all the while I'm thinking, in mortification, and this was only my second story. What about the three that followed? Did I commit the exact same mistakes, because I didn't have time to read the handwritten comments of the last story before starting to write the next story, and because the critter didn't have time to raise the issue in the verbal review? How mortifying. How frustrating it must have been for my poor classmates.

2 thoughts on “scribbling in the margins

  1. I think it sounds like you're being too hard on yourself! You're only human, and Clarion sounds like a very stressful, if rewarding, time period. I am willing to bet that your fellow students were often in the exact same pickle you found yourself. The important thing is, you're going through their comments now. πŸ™‚

  2. Thanks, Leigh. I am not the world's most rational creature, and I hate learning in public. In fact hate isn't quite strong enough a word πŸ˜‰ The fact that I can't remember being frustrated with my classmates for committing the same mistakes every week is some consolation at least.

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