rhythm and flow

This morning, I cannot type rhythm without double-checking the spelling of the word. (By double-checking I mean pausing and looking at it, not actually going to the dictionary. Going to the dictionary is triple-checking.) Rhythm shares this distinction with, off the top of my head, the name W. Somerset Maugham. I can never type Maugham without double, and sometimes even triple-checking.

And of actual note, inspired by Lydia Joyce's post, Alison Kent shares some insight on rhythm and flow, and finishing on a beat.

2 thoughts on “rhythm and flow

  1. I have become convinced, after years of struggling with the dang thing, that "rhythm" actually has no correct spelling. This so-called word has a constantly rotating spelling controlled by a Cray supercomputer in Fairbanks, AL, which changes the spelling 10 million times a second.

    It's weird. I always want to add extra letters. And not vowels, which would seem to be the immediate impulse. No, I always want to add things like a 'n.'

  2. Well that might explain my problems this morning! But what about Maugham? Why's the name so insidiously frictionless it won't stick in my brain? It is a Teflon name.

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