Via Bear, Chance, and Amanda (among others), there's a meme doing the rounds: Who would paint you?

I like this one, because it fills the net with pretty pictures, and pretty pictures are always a good thing.

Sadly, I cannot play, because I am totally ignorant when it comes to art, let alone art which might resemble me.1 (Although in looking through other people's answers, I am learning lots of names I knew but couldn't bring to mind. So that's something.)

If you know what I look like and can at least bluff that you're art-knowledgeable, feel free to proffer an opinion. Bonus points for stunning accuracy, or wild inaccuracy with funny reasons.2

  1. I do know Picasso's The Absinthe Drinker, which looks nothing like a dear friend of mine but reminds me of her nonetheless. It had to do with a story involving absinthe, Prague, and ballerinas, just as we were passing this picture in a Russian gallery. You probably had to be there. []
  2. People with deadlines and other such time constraints should not underestimate the amount of time one can get lost surfing artists' pretty pictures []

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