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More fully, I'm back at the gym, three times a week; this is my second full week back. I rather expected to be back in the groove by now, but no such luck. This is what comes of taking a break from exercise, you see, you remember just how nice it can be to be slothful. Slothful is good. Slothful does not turn my face the colour of a brand new fire engine.

I have also had the car repaired (again). After a year of the battery going flat and me arguing with mechanics that yes, the battery is stuffed now but that's just a symptom caused by some mysterious other malfunction, please look for that, won't you?, I have discovered:

  • the alternator is not stuffed. it is charging fine.
  • likewise, the starter motor is not stuffed. it sometimes doesn't actually, you know, start the car but that's because the battery isn't delivering the requisite 12 volts
  • the light in the driver's door keyhole and ignition port are, thanks to a single hour's labour by the auto-electrician, no longer staying on when they should be turning off, and therefore are no longer flattening the battery insidiously while the car is off
  • and the problem that was flattening the battery after all these problems were dealt with/eliminated? Was a dodgy battery terminal. Cost of repair a measly $40. I am now seriously fond of the mechanics who found this rather than looking for enormous problems and being stumped when they couldn't find them, like previous mechanics.

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