45 sleeps till christmas


Aren't they gorgeous little critters? They're six weeks old Burmese kjittens — of course they're gorgeous! The three very pale ones are chocolates, so they'll grow up to look reasonably like my mother's cat. The three darker ones at the back are browns, so they'll darken to a look more like their father, below.


The original plan was to buy one for my grandmother, who is bereft of cat company. The breeders suggested one of the browns for her, but she had her heart set on a chocolate. So we're buying her the darker of the chocolate kittens (the one halfway out of the box).

But when we visit the breeder, we'll be picking up two kittens. That's right — two! As soon as I saw the photo of the little brown kitten, I had no hope of resisting.


A Christmas kitten! A little belated, yes, but I'm getting a Christmas kitten. (Christmas because I got moulah for Christmas. It was supposed to pay for flights and accommodation on my next trip. But now it will pay for the kjitten.) I cannot wait. I expect I shall gibber and wax lyrical for a long time about the cuteness of my kitten; fair warning. I have already named him Max (I once had a horse called George. Clearly creatures with old English names are drawn to me.), and, yes, I am counting the sleeps until I get to pick him up for my very own.

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    (I prefer the darker puddies.)

    (And Sam was nearly a Max. He sort of is a Max, actually. His full name is Samurai Maximus, because I'm a complete dork, and couldn't decide between Sam and Max.)

  2. He makes me want to go get a kitten. So does the fact that I start nightshift tonight, and the dogs just woke me up BARKING CONTINUOUSLY AND I DON'T LOVE THEM RIGHT NOW.

    Doing so would bring about the destruction of the world, however. Mum's allergic to cat hair.

  3. If it's any consolation, Burmese cats are not exactly quiet either. Mum's cat has a habit of crawling up to your ear at 5 am, and yowling Now! Not sleep-conducive.

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