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The spring-cleaning continues. My aunt had palpitations when she saw all the books I was giving away, and so it was decided that she'd take the books (and one of my bookcases, seeing as I was planning on buying a new one anyway). So after days spent getting the place organised and everything neatly shelved, I achieved Zen neatness for a total of, oh, three hours? I now have a different stack of books taking up the floor: books un-homed by my relinquishing the old bookcase before I've purchased the new one. The theory is that it will stop me procrastinating in the search for new shelves. Let's hope it works.

The thing about spring-cleaning is that you discover treasures. Like this picture of my great-grandmother (my mother's father's mother), tucked into a copy of Uncle Tom's Cabin:

Clarisse Alma McFeeters (1902 – 1985)

She's about 12 years old in this picture (I think), and I inherited from her a habit of running my fingers continually through my hair when thinking. (Drives my grandfather, her son, quite mad whenever he catches me doing it.) Isn't she a stunning creature?

Another treasure I discovered was photos of my mother as a youngster. Not terribly new, of course, I've probably seen them before, but this time the conversation around the photos brought out something I hadn't known. Turns out my mother was a beauty queen! At the age of (well, we're not sure, actually; 15? 16?) she was Miss Islington. (This would be Islington of Adelaide.) My aunt claims to have a photo of Mum on the day of the pageant1, but in the meantime you can see photos of her the day after the pageant in the Miss Islington album.

  1. Not sure whether we're talking about the pageant which saw her crowned Miss Islington, or the pageant which saw her compete as Miss Islington for the crown of Miss Adelaide []

4 thoughts on “spring-cleaning treasures

  1. Things like this are treasures – what a wonderful find! Your great grandmother looks so cute in her picture. She looks like an interesting little girl – was she pretty spunky? She looks like she got up to some mischief in her day. Of course, the looks are deceiving sometimes, right? My grandmother looked like a little angel when she was a young girl, and she was a total hot-headed firebrand.

  2. Great photos – yes, I can definitely see your face in your Mum's. Not so much your great-grandma's, though.

    Um, you do realise it's not spring, don't you? 🙂

  3. Um, you do realise it's not spring, don't you?

    Absolutely! I like to approach spring-cleaning the way I approach any household-related activity: I put it off until an inappropriate time and then scramble like mad to catch up. Wonderfully refreshing.

    I also have my mother's voice. Even family have trouble telling us apart initially on the phone. I think my great-grandfather (Clarisse's hubby, William, the Lithuanian) must have passed down some strong traits, because Clarisse looks too pretty and slight to belong to us!

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