random catch-up. i can't promise coherence.

Have survived the onslaught of the family Christmas visit, even though it involved singing (aloud. in front of other people. sober.), days and days and days of eating, extended and new family, scads of small children, and watching romantic comedies. Well, technically only one romantic comedy. But all romantic comedies — good, bad or indifferent; those I like and those I find painful — always make me very, very angry.

Car decided that, in retribution for sitting unloved on the street while I recuperated from the whole tooth thing, it would drain the battery again. I am now quite adept at removing and charging and replacing the battery. I have done it so often now that there is no longer any grease on my hands when I'm finished. The task became a little trickier today when the last remaining spanner in the house mysteriously disappeared, of course, but that's how you meet new neighbours.

The last week has been spring-cleaning. (Any mutters that I started the spring-cleaning to avoid family interaction will be ruthlessly quashed.) Mostly old files and notes, which I'm sure were never vital to my wellbeing but I clearly thought otherwise. Honestly, who needs ten-year-old phone bills? Or my handwritten subject notes from Uni? Seriously. In moving my to-read stack, discovered a framed poster of Prague that I'd vaguely been wondering about, which makes me happy. Also now have room in the wardrobe to put things, so am also happy to see the floor again.

In keeping with my spring-cleaning vendetta, I even updated the site today to the new version of WordPress. (This is not as laggardly as I make it sound. The new version was only released a day or so ago. C'mon.) Which is to say, if you find any weirdness, please do tell. I think I caught it all, but…

Finally, am unspeakably jealous of Justine's new exploding hair author photo.

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  1. I hit the same point today, actually. Retaliated by buying plants. Non-edible, purely decorative plants. My desk looks prettier. But I'm still hungry. It's more than just possible that I'm a twit. 😐

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