pre-meds make me cranky

In which medication reveals our heroine's true nature: suspicious, anti-social, and slightly irritable.

Anaesthetist, pushing a slug of cold medication up my arm: This should make you feel pleasantly sleepy right away.
Me: Yeah. Feeling dreamy in a dizzy way now.
Anaesthetist: That's good—
Me, interrupting: I don't like it.
Doctor and Anaesthetist, laughing: Enjoy it. Pre-meds are fun.
Me: No. You're blurring at the edges, both of you. Stop it! Now!

Going to sleep for a day or so now.

2 thoughts on “pre-meds make me cranky

  1. What? Who is this strange creature that has replaced Dave? Just looking at the meds should have knocked you out.

  2. D'you know, I'd forgotten about the whole Dave thing, enough that I've even forgotten how we were spelling it. Surely there was an apostrophe in there somewhere? If it's any comfort, the cranky conversation above was the absolute last thing I managed. I was asleep before they'd turned around to open the doors.

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