does lugging gifts count as exercise?

After a morning spent buying Christmas presents, I have discovered one very important fact: my Doc Marten boots (which I bought, oh, I think in February) are broken in. Sometime between wearing them last week and wearing them today: perfect. I do have a sore heel, I'll admit, but that was a sock issue. Never wear anklet-disappearing socks in boots. In fact, never wear anklet-disappearing socks at all, if you're me, because all they do is disappear down the back of my heel. Useless things.

I successfully found presents for all family members, in less than 2 hours. Sometimes I astonish even myself. (Although I did have a run-in with an old gentleman who said, in a very angry tones, "You look beautiful too, miss!" as I walked past. I'm still a touch confused as to the precise source of his anger. Perhaps he thought I was staring at him? Although, given that I was rescuing said disappearing sock from the back of my boot and looking down, I really can't credit that.) I also bought myself a gift: a tiny little imitation-zen-garden water fountain, complete with pebbles (8). It's buzzing happily on my desk now. It's a piece of junk, really, but I am very happy with it nonetheless. I wanted the miniature zen garden as well, which comes with tray, sand, candles (shaped like pebbles), pebbles and sand rake; but I figured I'd never use it.

Blogging may disappear entirely later this week (or it may ramp up to ridiculous levels), because I am having my wisdom teeth removed. Yeouch. Thank you, but I don't need to hear any horror stories about the pain, oh dear lord, the pain. I have already warned my family that I will spend my recuperating time weeping and moaning, in order to fully milk the situation, but they assure me that they can leave the house without guilt and, you know, out of sight out of mind. There's a reason I love my family.

6 thoughts on “does lugging gifts count as exercise?

  1. Eep, the tiny anklet sock thing is such a horror. I hate those things, yet, somehow, I end up wearing them when they can cause the most harm. 🙂

  2. Hi Deb. Feel like I haven't seen you in ages. 🙁 Alas the glory days of January have passed us by like…cliffs into the sea? (Don't crit it…even though you want to…)


  3. Rju! That's because it really has been ages. But I'm fixing to head down to Melbourne next year, maybe we could catch up then?

    Don't crit it…even though you want to…)

    You're lucky I'm still doped up from the operation…!

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