between the lines

A few weeks ago, the book Self-Editing for Fiction Writers by Renni Browne and Dave King was recommended to me. I put it on my amazon wish list and promptly forgot about it, purchasing not being high on the priorities at the moment.

Yesterday, via Randall Ingermanson's Advanced Writing E-Zine, I learnt that Renni Browne is affiliated with The Editorial Department, which has just started a new e-zine called Between the Lines. There's a teaser of the November issue up on the site.

Who am I to argue with synchronicity?

2 thoughts on “between the lines

  1. Thanks for the tip! 🙂

    Self-editing is, in a word, "hell." No matter how many times I proof my own stuff, I always seem to find another error. (Sometimes I suspect typos breed and multiply… ;))

  2. Hi A.R., how's Sweden this time of year?

    Sometimes I suspect typos breed and multiply…

    Absolutely! I have a similar theory about our $2 coins here: they're the same diameter as the 5 cent coins, just gold and a little thicker. And when you put one or more $2 coins in your pocket, it's inevitable that they will breed (or reproduce amoebically), and leave you with only a couple of 5 cent coins. Most unfair.

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