it's all about the extra sleep

Next week, I am not travelling to Sydney. Not. Not even once. Next week, I will not have to sit in that racketing excuse for an intercity train with the back-breaking seats. I intend to luxuriate in this (absence of an) experience. Which is not to say that making the Sydney trek is not fun (particularly when it means hanging out with my peeps while I'm down there), but have I mentioned I hate the train?

Rae is currently running a poll, double-dog-daring all writers to fess up: what's the Wrong Reason you write?. This made me smile. Go on, go and 'fess. Currently the lifestyle is winning, closely followed by validation. Myself, I'd have to vote for lifestyle, tied with an utter lack of suitability for participating in the real world.

8 thoughts on “it's all about the extra sleep

  1. OMG yes, the real world is a challenge. It's sooo hard to fit in there. Much safer behind the computer, engrossed in imagination. šŸ™‚ *nods*

  2. Actually, I don't know that I can differentiate between why I write and why I publish, because I've never written anything I haven't intended to inflict on the world. So, yes. It's all a facsist dictatorship.

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