things you don't see everyday…

Driving along a 70 km/hr stretch of road (which used to be 80 km/hr, and the signs may have changed but the traffic speed generally hasn't), and meeting… a peacock. In your lane, walking calmly toward the oncoming cars. Thankfully, it's a two lane stretch, so everybody dodged to the side. The car directly behind me swerved back into the peacock's lane as soon as he'd cleared the bird, turned on his hazards, and proceeded to shoo the boy with his magnificent tail off the road. Since the road in question cuts through a local park/reserve which features enclosures of pretties like kangaroos, koalas, wombats, peacocks, cockatoos, not hard guessing where he came from. What's rather more amazing is that he'd made it from the park and across to the third lane of traffic on a constantly-busy road without getting knocked for six.

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