So, 22 October wasn't that long ago. Was it? Oh. Well, turns out that's how long it took me to find and configure some sort of photo-gallery for my site. I finally settled on Qdig, because it's simple, quick and easy. And not overkill, which most gallery software options are for me, considering I'm not exactly camera-happy. From either end. I once spent months on end travelling Europe, and didn't finish a single roll of film in the time. (A 24 exposure roll.)

Anyway, all this is to say, the wedding photos are up. One of my very good friends tied the knot on 22 October and, seeing as how I don't get prettied up particularly often, of course the camera came out. (Don't worry, there's only 4 shots in the gallery. Told you I was photo-reluctant.) So, if you've ever wondered what I look like, take a gander. Or if you already know what I look like but haven't seen me in far too long, I guess 😉

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