patience may be a virtue — but not one of mine

Yesterday I started my new exercise regime. In light of the fact that when left to my own devices I will invariably run out of stamina, not push myself hard enough, not know what I'm doing, or just generally find "better" things to do with my time, I have enrolled in some private classes. One hour, three times a week. Today, I am a little achy (but not stiff or sore, except for my pre-buggered knee, thanks to the trainer taking pity on me — having pale skin that flushes to bright red at the drop of a pin can [very occassionally] be a good thing, it seems…)

Of course, I rather thought exercise enervated you. Isn't that what I hear? I'm sure I've been told that. Which is why I scheduled my class for the ridiculously early session of 7am (that, and the 8am session was full). Instead of feeling energised, I spent yesterday rather dopey with weariness. Turns out endorphins are sleepymakers.

ETA: Justine very diplomatically pointed out that here I am, proclaiming myself a writer, and using "enervate" when I really mean "energise". A'course, just proves my point, doesn't it? Exercise is a sapping and draining activity. It even steals words!

2 thoughts on “patience may be a virtue — but not one of mine

  1. LOL

    Don't worry, the effect takes a week or so to actually happen. And if you're not usually an early riser, you will feel tired.

    As someone who took her classes on evenings, I must say that in no time at all, I felt very energized. Enough to write at night, like I used to. So I'm sort of speaking from experience here 😀

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