This afternoon I am tripping down to Sydney, where I will attempt to find Galaxy bookstore. (Attempt to find because, even though it has lived on York St for a long time now, last time I walked up York St it had mysteriously disappeared. This could perhaps have had something to do with my weariness and the sore state of my feet, and possibly a little thing known as inattention but, honestly, I don't think so. I think the bookstore really vanished.) The plan is to attend Jeff VanderMeer's signing at said bookstore (I nearly wrote singing, which I suppose would be an added bonus, but most writers aren't known for their singing, per se), and then dinner. Tomorrow I have an exam in how to use Microsoft Word to edit on-screen which, frankly, may be the exam I feel the most blase about in all my life. Other than that, Sydney will involve hanging out with my favourite mechwarrior.

All of which is to say: back in a couple of days.

(And can I just say: have you seen what the aussies are doing to vanderworld? Honestly. We make a ruckus wherever we go. It's a national identity thing. It's wonderful.)

4 thoughts on “sydney!

  1. Hey Jo! I found the store happily. (Sadly, when I was talking about it disappearing, it was having disappeared from the next-door-to-Abbeys location. I swear, it really did. Okay, it was only for me, but still.)

    Did you come along? If I'd realised you read this, I'd have offered to meet up.

  2. It was never next door to Abbeys. There's at least Big and Tall, and Pleasure on York, I think (not that I go into either place, honest, honest) between Abbeys and Galaxy.

    Anyway, you made it, Deb, which was the important thing. Great to see you, and your mechwarrior sidekick!

  3. Hey Margo, it was great to catch up. I haven't seen my sydneyside friends for far too long, considering it isn't really that far from home. You'll be glad to know Tess and I spent the rest of the weekend talking about "ululating beneath the gibbous moon to the scent of.. er.. smelly white flowers…" 😉

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