story without a start

It's been a bit quiet on here of late, partly because the website fractured itself (behind the scenes) and stopped its daily backup. That problem is now fixed, largely through luck since I have no idea what fractured the backup schedule and therefore no idea which particular tweak of mine that fixed it.

I've also been asleep on my feet lately. Can antibiotics make you sleepy? I don't know, but something is. The past couple of days have been the worst, but this I attribute solely to the temperature. While you northern types are spinning slowly into autumn, the east coast of Australia is hitting spring with a vengeance. (And spring after the mildest winter I've ever known, where the temperature barely scraped itself down to the mid-teens.) It's going to be a horridly hot summer, a real bushfire season. Not good.

There have, however, been words lately. This is a good thing. Even though I'm stuck stuck stuck on the god-making short story because, although I know the ending, I have no idea where and why it starts.

To counter the feeling of stuckness, I find myself wanting to read. Read and read and read. Never a bad thing.

5 thoughts on “story without a start

  1. Antibiotics totally make me sleepy. And they make my stomach hurt. Sorry you're feeling bad. 🙁

    So, lots of reading eh? Like what? Do you have your reading list posted anywhere? *nosy*


  2. @ Tess: yeah, well, Melbourne is rather a unique beast, weather-wise. And Melbourne at night different again.

    @ Holly: Thanks, I'm not feeling too bad, just weary. But today's the last day of antibiotics, so I should start spriting up again soon. As for my reading list, I have some posted at current reading (the only link is through the blog's front page, and easily missed; must change that). Not everything yet, and I've actually finished two of the books on that page but haven't moved them because i am a lazy 'fly…

  3. Well, ya know, it's Autumn here and…hot.

    Gads I hate living in the desert sometimes. I want cold.

    And I've got a start but no story. Maybe we should jam our stories together and see what happens 🙂 (I hate when I get a strong image and write it down, only can't figure out what story it goes with yet).

  4. my story without a start features a psycho chick bringing her plans to fruition. with swords. will that fit your start without a story?

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