home again, home again

Sydney was fun. I got to hang out with Tess and Margo, among others, and see Tess scare the blinks out of Jeff VanderMeer with her possum/smeagol impression. Cat was the mastermind behind the event and, as per usual, had a camera permanently attached to her face, so I fully expect to see photos up in her gallery in the nearish future.

I've spent today tweaking the draft of the story I intend for Redback issue of Shadowed Realms (scroll down a ways), and have now officially lost patience with the tweaking, which is the point I normally inflict the story on the workshop. So, it's up, first time I've subbed to the workshop in far too long. Writing this one has been a bit of a struggle, in the same way that writing towards the end of Clarion felt like a struggle. Slower, and more conscious of what I'm doing, but doubtful of what I'm actually achieving. And the story feels less of a posed and structured creature, and has more of its own ideas about where it should go.

Oh, and guess what? That's right. No title. I have an idea or two, but the rhythm feels off. I guess my mutant power wasn't real after all.


ETA: I subbed my story — and now the 'shop is broken! This doesn't bode well.