case closed, mystery solved

Last night, some time in the wee hours and therefore probably legitimately this morning, I finished the wind story. Just in time, because it's due in, oh, a little under a week. So it only has a few days to sit before the final polishing tweak. To celebrate this wondrous achievement, I chose to spend today catching up on some other tasks which have been piling up, wanting attention. One of these is a skills audit and career research task. If you go to JobSearch's Career Quiz, you too can take the quiz and find out your career aptitudes.

My results?

  • Practical: 0
  • Technical: 5
  • Creative: 7
  • Administrative: 3
  • People: 0
  • Helping: 0

Okay, so those of you who've spent time with me will possibly be surprised that I managed to break to an even zero on some areas instead of scoring negative marks. But we'll put that down to a failing in the way the quiz was put together, shall we? What amuses me is that you can score zero for a category but the graph will still valiantly attempt to plot this. As if it really can't believe I have (allegedly) no aptitude for people or helping.

Once you have your results, you can click through to discover a list of careers, and information and a list of vacancies for said careers. Of course, clicking "creative" delivers up the option of getting a job as an author. Apparently it pays $1,000 a week. Strangely, there's no vacancies for authors at the moment. Go figure, huh?