a title at last

So, I sat down to work on the novel in progress today. For the past week I've been sunk in the guts of this thing, trying to find a workable structure. Plotting at any stage of the novel-writing process is not a favourite activity: trying to hold the entire arc in my head makes me wind to grind my teeth down to nubs. Which is not to say I dislike the plotting or notecarding part. I love the interconnections that seem to spring up fully formed, and the moments of realisation. It's just that my braincase isn't wide enough.

But I think I've finally found something approaching a coherent and even cohesive storyline. And when I sat down this morning to start the gutting rewrite, my book decided it didn't need to be coy any more. Behold: a title. And not just one, but three, two fighting over being the working title for the first book, one demanding to be the third book (ha! I'm not even sure I'll write the second book. But we'll see.)

So the new working title is Salamander, and at long last I don't have to call it The Novel. Maybe having its own name instead of pretending that it's the only significant novel in existence will help remind this book to behave, this time 'round.

8 thoughts on “a title at last

  1. You know, if I was going to develop a new mutant power, the ability to pick a title probably wouldn't be it… Just my luck. I finally mutate and gain my X-Men powers, and it's title-picking. And it won't stick, you know it won't stick, I'll have exactly the same problem with the next novel. (hee! Unless the next novel is the one that came with a title…that'll make it look like I have control over my power…)

  2. Yay for a title!

    *suddenly sees vision of cover of book, the words "SALAMANDER: A NOVEL" emblazoned across it*

    And you know, the mutant power could've been worse. I've often feared that I already had mine for years, and that is just the ability to make my hair stand in all directions without the aid of a bed. Yours at least can be parleyed into a business. Granted, one of those businesses that advertise in the back of comics and on fanfic websites. But a business nonetheless.

  3. ooh, i like the effect of the subtitle "a novel". much better than my own attempt, which would have been "Salamander: A fumbling attempt at coherence…"

    does your mutant power scare people? or spud? you do realise it's already been turned into a business, don't you? hairdressing magazines and salons are chock-full of styling products designed to make you look like you have bed-hair. i think there's even a product *called* bed-head…? you're a fashion icon! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. If you can bend my chopsticks so they work for me (or even just to entertain me), I can come up with titles. However… it will take months of me whining at your book before you get anything better than Bilge. Just so you know.

  5. Yeah. "Fashion Icon." That's soooooo me.

    *cough cough cough* I think I'm a bit more like a warning to others. You know, like the freaky kid in the third grade that all the mothers would point to as an object lesson about why you shouldn't sniff glue.

    Wait. I think I was that kid. Man, now I'm all depressed…

    And I can't do that business, anyway. I mostly shave off the hair now :-).

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