There's a phrase I've heard so often now I've forgotten where I first heard it: Where's my flying car? But you know, cool as a flying car would be, what I really want from the miraculous future is tube-feeding. Eating is such a chore, three times a day, every day for the rest of my life… I want a magic pill. One that will give me all the nutrients I'm supposed to get from those horrid, bitter, dark green vegetables like spinach and sprouts. Not that I'd give up meals altogether, mind you. But the meals I bothered to chew would be a luxury. And the rest of the meals would be a one-swallow affair. So, where's my magic pill? All this eating is wasting my time.

3 thoughts on “tubefed

  1. *blinks in dismay at the viscious, irrational attack on Spinach, The Leaf of the Gods. Considers crying*

    Ah, food pills. Suddenly remembering an old ep of Mystery Science Theater, when the "Observer" guys were around and introduced Mike and the Bots to their amazing food pills. Mike immediately says something like "and I imagine that just one small pill contains all the nutrients you need." And they look at him oddly, and so Tom Servo guesses maybe two or three? Bowls, yes, is the reply.

    But all I can say is, if you find eating a chore, you ain't eating the right stuff! If only you were in Arizona, I'd whip ya up some food, and you'd never dream of magic food pills again…

  2. It's not that I dislike eating. But I do dislike the necessity. I would really love to have food on tap, so I can keep working. Maybe one lovely meal a day, but the others wouldn't waste valuable time… 😕 I can dream, I suppose

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