technolink salad

This weekend has been one for cool new gadgets, mind-broadening medical ideas, and discoveries:

And, finally, one that isn't technophilic so much as nostalgic: Moon River (can't you hear Audrey singing when you look at this one?)

4 thoughts on “technolink salad

  1. the weird thing is — they didn't really add much with Google Talk (which replaces the notifier if you install it), but if you install Google Desktop 2 and have it index your email, you can set up filters to only see certain items in the sidebar box, based on your criteria. Why they didn't include that in the notifier or Google Talk, I have no idea. I'm using Google Desktop, but don't use the sidebar since it mostly just takes up screen real estate, so having the option there isn't that incredibly useful.

    In case you're wondering, the only really useful addition in Google Talk's mail notifications is that you can now click on the icon in the pop up notices to launch that email.

    (Greg, longing to jump back to Macs as soon as I can…)

  2. I haven't even looked at Google Talk or Desktop. I couldn't say why, probably just doesn't strike me as entirely necessary. So all I know about is the Notifier itself, which bugged me with it's checking every 2 minutes, and no way to tell the program "I know about those emails, you don't have to tell me they're new anymore". I like Macs, and I like the variety of really cool programs available to Macs, but I'm so used to Windows PC that I don't know if I could switch…

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