name change?

This morning, I received an email which started Dear Cheng Soon…. Naturally enough, my first thought was spam. But the email is from a legitimate engineering job agency who have had my details for quite some time. Methinks their database has become the slightest bit corrupted.

6 thoughts on “name change?

  1. Hi Ben, welcome aboard. I'm quite fond of it, too. I like the sense of impending it carries… Cheng Soon… it almost sounds like something is coming…

  2. Yes, CHENG IS. And to pull a random 'cheng' from the dictionary (goodness me there's a lot) cheng – to call, eg we call him wang.

    That eg is from the dictionary too.

    wait, I like this one better, cheng – to become, to turn into, eg water accumulated turns into a river.

    Bit more poety.

    Yeah, I'll shut up and go to bed now.


  3. ooh, cheng can really mean "to become"? i'm liking this name more and more! maybe that agency is in fact psychic, rather than inept.

  4. Hi Leigh, welcome aboard over here. Thanks for the wishes, but I doubt I'll apply. Apart from the new habit of naming me Cheng Soon (I received a second email from them just this morning), the job isn't a good match. This agency has some serious issues!

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