my kingdom for a title

I think it's well past time the current novel-in-progress (which has been in-progress, for varying values of progress, for a year now) is awarded at least a working title. Problem being I have no idea what to call it. I've just been calling it The Novel — like it's the only one, even though it isn't the only one in my head, let alone anywhere else. Bleh. Maybe I should call it Bilge, just to taunt it. Reverse psychology and all that. (It's a bad sign when you're contemplating, even in joke, taunting your own novel, isn't it?)

Anyway, after a month off from the untitled beast, I'm finally starting to get my legs under me with the revision. I'm concentrating on a single day basis, because otherwise it's too dispiriting, to know how far I still have to go. And I so very much want this beast to be finished now.

I also started a short story the other day. (Guess what? That's right, no title. No, I don't know why I can't pre-pick titles anymore either.) It's a strange little story, and I'm not quite sure how I'm going to get to the ending I have in mind. But it's only supposed to be a thousand words, so I suppose I don't have long before I find out.

In completely unrelated news, today I moved all my music files into the iTunes library, and checked the little box which lets iTunes manage my files. Lookit that, everything sorted by artist and album and song name. In doing so, I somehow managed to unearth two songs, respectively named Track 2 and Track 13, by unknown artists from unknown albums. After a quick listen, I have no idea what these songs are, nor where they came from. H'm.

7 thoughts on “my kingdom for a title

  1. I lost my ability to title loooooong ago. Now I make other people do it for me, by using titles so terrible they have no choice but to offer better suggestions.

    It works.

  2. Aren't you the canny one! Okay, so maybe I will go with Bilge, eh? Then, when I inflict Bilge on you, you'll have to suggest a better. mwa-ha-ha! 8)

  3. Ew titles are sooo hard!!! I don't know that I've ever actually titled a book successfully. o.o

    And I'm ready for my book to be done, too. *sympathizes* It will be a year Oct. 15. *grumbles* heehee Will you be done-done soon? How close are you?

  4. I have the bulk of it written. But because it was all written pre-Clarion, and out of order without an outline, there's some sections in there jagged enough to cut your eyes on. So I'm going through a structural revision now, getting everything in order and essentially rewriting without worrying about the prose. Hope to have that finished by mid-October. Then it'll be time to go through and get all the prose stuff happening.

    :whimpers: I may never be finished…!

  5. Ah well. I'm actually becoming the slightest bit fond of Bilge as a title. It's the editor's job to title, right? Right? Bugger.

  6. Hmmmm…maybe I should have a contest on my blog. Name damselfly's book! Bwahahaahahahahahaha.

    Yeah, I can never do titles either. I'm rather jealous of people that can. I mostly end up with things like my blue suede shoe story that I'm working on, which has the helpful working title "Blue Suede Shoes." But I guess it could be worse. It could be like that episode of Coupling where Patrick was trying to come up with names for a hypothetical porn movie about a woman with intelligent breasts, and ended up with "The Girl with Two Breasts."

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