New Scientist reports on a new browser:

Flock – after the buzz it hopes to create – adds features specifically designed to make writing, editing, sharing and displaying web content faster and easier.

Created by Bart Decrem (previously of the Mozilla Foundation), the browser is built on the Firefox code. It will integrate tools for blogging, photo blogging and shared bookmarks into the browser itself. Users will be able to drag and drop photos from Flickr into their blog; the browser will provide WYSIWYG editing of blogs; and will include a social bookmarking feature like the service provided by http://del.icio.us.

Flock is currently still in testing, but is slated for general release in October. It will be interesting to see what they've come up with.

6 thoughts on “flock

  1. actually, I think it will *use* del.icio.us — the article I read basically said it was too much work to come up with their own, and so they're just looking to integrate with an existing service or services. and yeah, it does sound intriguing…always good to have more fish in the browser pond, I say, especially if it stirs things up and makes the competition more interesting. (except, of course, IE, which will still be proudly proclaiming "looksie, we got tabs!" 5 years from now…)

    And I might as well start the rumor. Google will buy these guys out and this will be the new Gbrowser :-). You heard it here first!

  2. More fish in the browser pond is good in theory. If it means yet one more browser with uniquely odd quirks web designers will have to cater for in their design, then not quite so good 😐 But given it's based off the FF code, hopefully that shouldn't be the case.

    I like your rumour-starting. Let's see how psychic the Gerg really is!

  3. ah, to hecksers with the designers. consider it job security for them, anyway. 😉

    *puts on swami turban* I see a day when we are all subsidiaries of ConHugeCo, a division of the AOL Time Warner Bertlesmann Disney Microsoft Yahoo Group. Which will, of course, just be a front for Murdoch's Fox.

    Jesus. Just scared myself. Ick. Mustn't think like that! New prediction: the Great Anarchist Revolution will usher in a an age of world peace and reasonably priced spices at grocery stores!

    There. Now I can sleep.

  4. heh, you say that now, but i remember someone swearing about the joys of designing for IE and FF at the same time 😉

  5. Well, I was swearing about the joys of having to deal with IE being a load of dog vomit. To be fair. Now, a nice stable of DECENT browsers to choose from..

    I mean, come on, I fixed the IE problem by moving the sidebar to the left side. That's…so…lame. Someone just didn't give a damn when they did IE's CSS support.

  6. imageine…all the available browsers actually follow one standard set of behavioural rules… excuse me, i might have to lie down!

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