Procrastinating? Moi?

Computers and websites are nothing but a convoluted way to wax the cat. Really. I spent most of last night installing a new version of Ad-Aware and SpyBot on both the desktop and laptop. No real spyware or malware discovered, which is lucky because I had let both programs age dangerously out of date. Then I found ZoneAlarm, and installed that as well — and promptly broke my network connection between desktop and laptop. Or perhaps I should say ZoneAlarm was working successfully 😉 Took me a half-hour to track down the IP range to put in the trusted zone to let the computers talk again.

And of course I've spent this morning installing wordpress plugins. Because I can. I now have a prettified archives page, prettified tooltips, and a prettified categories listing in the sidebar. Oh, and I've found a better way to manage my memories page than through simple links: the Links Manager plugin.

To do with the rest of today?

  • Job applications
  • A few million pages of reading through the Style Manual for the editing course (Okay, it was only 100. But of the Style Manual. It's all relative, right?)
  • A workshop crit
  • Exercise
  • oh, and, you know, maybe actually write

6 thoughts on “Procrastinating? Moi?

  1. Dude, you're so right. I bet I've spent 200 hours on my website in the past couple of months. *headdesk* But man, those new lists look good (haha)! Especially the archives. Very cool!

  2. Holly! Welcome 😎 I don't even want to count how many hours I've spent tweaking the design. And my installed Plugins list is growing cumbersome! I'm glad I found the archives plugin; I have a feeling my sidebar could grow completely out of control with all the cool functions available

  3. I had to make myself stop tweaking. There is a moratorium on tweaking my site. You see the slightest visual change, send snarky email.

    Ooo, and the mention of the workshop made me remember that I have to save up some money over the next few paychecks so I can rejoin…

  4. I know. I just installed an author-highlight plugin, considered it, then deleted it. Now this afternoon I've installed a favatar plugin, looked at it, and deleted it. What progress I'm making!

  5. Which kind of sounds like the old Wodehouse story where he spent a morning adding a comma, and the afternoon taking it out. Oh, wait — that was actually writing. :mrgreen:

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