it's stopped

The next-door-neighbour is having his back stairs repaired. Or replaced would be a better description. This involves several circumstances: lots of wood, and swinging of hammers, and powering of saws; workmen (belching workmen); the combination of the previous two elements starting by no later than 7:30 am. And all of it taking place within nanometers of my bedroom window. Oh, the joy that is me of a morning. Not that I particularly object to belching, mind you. I wouldn't classify it as my favourite sound in the world, no, but I did grow up with three brothers. All of whom are much more accomplished than this poor workman. Still. There are some things you do not want outside your window, and belching workmen swinging hammers and powering saws at 7:30 am and — worse — listening to bland rock radio stations definitely qualifies.

In site-tweaking news, I've added asides to the blog: for those tiny thoughts that aren't worthy of a whole post all by themselves. They're sitting in the sidebar, over there —> There's even a feed, should you feel so inclined (sorry, LJ'ers, not syndicated).

Two job applications today and (you guessed it) am signed up to yet another account. Le sigh.

2 thoughts on “it's stopped

  1. could be worse. they could be jackhammering concrete.

    by the way, i have a few simple forms for you to fill out…creating a Gerg Account is easy, and best of all, fun! and you'll then be kept informed of all Gergness, and of great offers from carefully selected partners!

    *considers ducking, remembers you're like 10 billion miles away, and relaxes*

  2. You know, if I ever do make it to Tucson, you could be facing some serious payback…

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