I have a deep and abiding love for freeware programs, and not just because I'm skint (although that plays a part in it!).

Over the years, I have hunted out a lot of programs to suit my needs; these are the ones that have stuck around.

So, ten programs that make my computing life easier:

  • KeyNote: a tabbed notebook program, one of my favourite features of which is the "virtual node", which turns any text or rich text file on your hard-drive into a node inside KeyNote. You could use this for just about anything; I use it for an offline journal, since it's small enough to run off a USB stick, and for compiling notes on novels or complicated stories. Because of the virtual node feature, I can keep everything as text files, neatly organised through Explorer, my other favourite method of organisation.
  • SharpReader: an RSS aggregator for Windows. For keeping up with y'all! I've had no experience with other aggregators, but SharpReader is functional and helpful without getting in my way. Just the kind of program I like.
  • MiniMinder: I love this little guy! Every morning or power-up it pops up telling me what's due today, and other upcoming important dates. Wonderful, and unobtrusive.
  • FastCheck: An email notifier, like Google's Gmail Notifier but better. At the moment it only works on fastmail accounts, although the author has made noises about porting it to other email accounts
  • PC Inspector: Anyone who has a lot of information stored on a computer needs this program. Deleted does not mean deleted, and PC Inspector will bring it all back. There's also a version specifically for USB sticks, which can easily be wiped inadvertantly when removing them from the computer.
  • AutoRealm: I actually haven't used this one much, because I don't map extensively. But if you're looking for a freeware mapping program, this is worth a look
  • EBoN: Generate your own names. It takes a bit of practice to get into the habit of writing your own lists, but can be worth the effort.
  • HTML-Kit: Once I used Notepad for all my coding, but HTML-Kit is so much prettier and easier, without being bloated.
  • Firefox: the browser everyone touts.
  • Cryptainer: Have sensitive information on your computer? Encrypt it using Cryptainer, the light edition of which is freeware. The program also gives the option of encrypting a file to send via email

2 thoughts on “Freeware

  1. I grabbed firefox when I was getting this baby up and running. Got rid of it in five seconds. I'd just assumed it had mail packaged in – I will stick with mozilla mail for EVAH.

  2. yeah, i've heard a few people complain mail isn't packaged in, and they have to download thunderbird for that.

    :shrug: i don't use a mail client, because fastmail's web interface is better than any client i've ever come across, so it never bothered me.

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