Browser Wars

Designing web-pages is a pain. Is it being constantly presented with new coding languages when you'd only just got the hang of the last one? Nope. It's the browser wars. Of course.

It's not that I dislike Internet Explorer — in fact, I quite like some aspects. I like the smaller menu-bar; Firefox takes up a lot more of my screen. I like IE's auto-enclose behaviour, even if it is against W3C standards. But on the whole I'm happy with my switch to Firefox: I like the way it renders, I lurve the way it hands text-size control to the user, regardless of the designer's intent. But last night I discovered a FF behaviour which irks me. (Oh no!)

It seems that Firefox cuts off content. This isn't a problem with static pages, but for pages which are rendered anew with each load, such as message board forums and weblogs, Firefox can incorrectly guess the page dimensions, and not correct them on loading, resulting in a page with hidden content. Hitting "refresh" or changing the text size apparently fixes this, but that's an unprofessional and rather messy way to fix a rendering problem.

I've noticed this behaviour with my pages: mostly, FF simply forgets to load the footer. Well, that's not an enormous loss. But other pages, such as the links page, it's a little more contrary.

More importantly, though, I've not noticed this behaviour when browsing other weblogs. Which suggests to me that a workaround exists, and if only I knew it I could make the fox play nice with my pages. Anyone know it?