Tibet is…

Today I have a special present for you all: a guest post by the redoubtable Tessa! Tessa is one of the authors featured in Baggage, which will be launched at Borders, South Wharf (20 Convention Center Place), Thursday 2 September 2010 1-3pm. Having read Tessa's contribution to the anthology (several times) I can promise it […]

Let me 'splain — No. There is too much. Let me sum up.

Back in June, I guest-posted over at David McDonald's blog, on the topic of silence: It’s something I’ve heard at almost every point of wanting and trying to build a writing career: you have to be active on the internet. …But it comes at a cost. There’s the inevitable time pressure, yes, but then there’s […]

How on earth do nine authors write a book cohesively?

Ever wondered just how authors collaborate successfully? Today I have a guest post from Zena Shapter, one of NINE (9!) co-authors of the newly-released Into Tordon, where she talks about her experiences with collaborating. -Deb Hi Deb, and thanks for having me on your blog. Collaborative writing seems to be on trend at the moment, […]