2016-02-09 19:43

Today brought me two more books to add to my reward reading pile and I can't start any of them until I've finished reading the current book, gotten back on track with writing the current manuscript, written up seven key selection criteria answers, caught up on the day job backlog, drafted some blog posts and just generally got my life in control. Torture

2016-02-06 20:11

Last night's viewing: Studio Ghibli's "The Tale of Princess Kaguya"

I absolutely adored it. Although (keeping in mind it was about a fully grown thumb-sized woman discovered in a glowing bamboo shoot who spontaneously transformed into a newborn and who then grew into adulthood in the space of 6 months or so…) it jumped the shark when the moon people appeared

i really do spend an inordinate amount of time counting

Squawk doesn't quite get Hide & Seek. Usually, she hides in the same spot used in the last round. If she does come up with her own, it's the cat tunnel. Where's Squawk…? Oh, she's behind the door. Where's Squawk…? Oh, she's behind the door. Where's Squawk…? Oh, she's in the cat tunnel. It gets […]

image courtesy of xkcd.com (http://xkcd.com/220/)

toddlers and writing and making it work

I normally* get up at 5:30am so I can get 1-1.5 hours to myself purely for writing. *It invariably doesn't work out at all. Squawk will wake at the same time and set up such a hollering that no writing gets done; or she'll have woken up so many times overnight I'll sleep through my […]

the ecology of monsters

Cherry Crow Children features stories built around the idea of fate being sealed by personality. The idea that, even in a setting where a multitude of monsters stalk our daily lives, the one which ultimately claims us is successful not because it’s the most fearsome or the most powerful or the most tenacious, but because […]

the very hungry caterpillar

The next day was Sunday, and the caterpillar ate through one (not very) green leaf. Bloody little scavenger. That's my lily, mothface. A post shared by Deborah Kalin (@debkalin) on Jan 19, 2016 at 3:17pm PST

the bird behind the cherry crow

For "The Cherry Crow Children of Haverny Wood", I knew the title before I knew the story — which meant I knew the name cherry crow before I knew what the crow itself would actually look like.

They were one of the first things I pondered, then, in trying to uncover the story. Why were they named cherry crows — was it to do with their appearance, or their diet, or something else entirely? Why did the villagers of Haverny Wood fear them, and were they right to?


Feeling a little overwhelmed by the in-tray, it would seem. #doodlesofinstagram A post shared by Deborah Kalin (@debkalin) on Jan 13, 2016 at 8:50pm PST