don't be fooled — it is all about me

This past week I have: :: committed follicular folly — I have a fringe. (I don't know if Americans would call it "bangs" or not, as I've never quite wrapped my head around what bangs, exactly, are.) It's one of those fringes that's too long to be worn as a fringe and has to be […]


I need a new tag or category or something: writers is nuts. Two weeks ago, I finished the beta draft of the novel. For values of finished = I couldn't stand the thought of the manuscript. In an example of avoidance excellence, I was getting to the point where, if anyone said "novel" in my […]


Well, I've slept on it, and hours and hours have passed, and no further email has appeared in my inbox telling me it was all a wicked joke… So I guess I've just sold a story to POSTSCRIPTS. 😯 Needless to say, I am thrilled (if a little stunned). But heck, I was pretty stunned […]

on cashing foreign cheques…

So my cheque for PostScripts arrived in the mail yesterday. (Woot for publications which pay on acceptance!) It was such a cute cheque, with Superman1 on it, I was quite reluctant to hand it over to the bank. My reluctance only intensified when I stood there for nigh on half an hour while the bank […]

adventures in relocation, part the whatever

I cannot tell you how much I love today's xkcd. Today, I ventured onto Melbourne's public transport system all by myself, and successfully navigated my way to ambush Tess in her natural habitat. Inconveniently, I forgot to actually determine precisely where her natural habitat was in relation to the closest train station, but luckily she […]

it never rains but it pours

The signing sheets for Postscripts #18 have come and gone on their merry way and I can say this with certainty: I have no signature. Truly, every single one of those sheets is unique. I am currently sitting in my car, which is at the moment a very expensive sculpture, on account of the battery […]

i have been team-built

For those of you waiting for its arrival: I haven't seen a copy myself yet, but it looks like Postscripts #18 has been released into the wild. This is the issue which features my story, "The Wages of Salt", and google alerts tells me it's made at least one good impression so far. Now, being […]

packing status: still borked

Good news, landing just before I flit off to lands untrammelled, is that PodCastle will be publishing "The Wages of Salt" in an upcoming issue. So, if you never did manage to track down a copy of PostScripts #18, or if you did but you'd also like an audio copy of the story, keep your […]

ebooks and excerpts, oh my

FIRST You do all realise there will be random and intermittent Mongolia stories for some time to come, right? Never fear, they won't be your typical I did such and such, saw such and such, and am now cramming seven gazillion photos and details into one drawn out day type posts, mainly because I'll bore […]