it's alive!

You guys, I've done it: I've finished the thorn girls short story. And by short I mean 9,156 / 10,750 words (depending on whether you count by human rules or printer's rule), so, um, yeah, not exactly short. In fact, it's what I affectionately like to call one of those unsellable lengths between a short […]

there is no moral to this tale

Glimpse by whim by "What if…?", the Europe trip is starting to take shape. So far there's no actual firm itinerary, but just today StumbleUpon gave me 66 Beautiful Small Cities & Towns in Europe and hello! Bern, Graz and Salzburg, Bled, Trogir and Hvar were already on my list, but I'm now seriously considering […]

Sale to TPP!

I have a confession to make: for a couple of months now, I've had some Good News that I've not been able to share. And by good news, I mean KERMIT-FLAILINGLY AWESOME NEWS! It has been very difficult not to share this news with you all, and I feel most strongly that you should all […]

holy sleep deprivation

In the world of news (of me), my Twelfth Planet collection … is officially delivered. A little under a week ago, in the bleary hours of the morning, with my eyes pointing in different directions and the room a little wobblier than I prefer it, I handed in a workable draft of the final story. […]

in which tim tams make a surprise appearance

What I planned to spend the last two months doing was talking about Cherry Crow Children in some form or fashion, mostly in the form of guest-blogging. What I actually ended up doing, after receiving a notice to vacate because the landlord had decided to sell, was obsessively checking real estate sites in an attempt […]

Cherry Crow Children: on fighting, and fighting back

To celebrate the launch of Cherry Crow Children way back when, the plan was to do something of a blog tour — but it fell by the wayside because Life. However, the first of the posts are written, and the launch of the ebook seems as good a time as any to put them up. […]

the ecology of monsters

Cherry Crow Children features stories built around the idea of fate being sealed by personality. The idea that, even in a setting where a multitude of monsters stalk our daily lives, the one which ultimately claims us is successful not because it’s the most fearsome or the most powerful or the most tenacious, but because […]

and then there were six

Hot on the heels of Cherry Crow Children and its stories picking up four Ditmar nominations, this morning brought me a flurry of Facebook notifications and the news that it's also picked up no less than SIX Aurealis Award nominations: The Wages of Honey, The Miseducation of Mara Lys and The Cherry Crow Children of […]