your mission for sunday: stare at the screen

Today I am full of yearning. It's been too long since I travelled; I've forgotten the feel of an open sky. There are plans … not in place, but at least taking shape, for the next trip; but they won't come to fruition for months. MONTHS. All I can do is flick through my pictures […]

it's alive!

You guys, I've done it: I've finished the thorn girls short story. And by short I mean 9,156 / 10,750 words (depending on whether you count by human rules or printer's rule), so, um, yeah, not exactly short. In fact, it's what I affectionately like to call one of those unsellable lengths between a short […]

there is no moral to this tale

Glimpse by whim by "What if…?", the Europe trip is starting to take shape. So far there's no actual firm itinerary, but just today StumbleUpon gave me 66 Beautiful Small Cities & Towns in Europe and hello! Bern, Graz and Salzburg, Bled, Trogir and Hvar were already on my list, but I'm now seriously considering […]

sometimes, daily means when you can

I started this year with an admittedly-ambitious daily target: 1,200 a day on the faerie novel and 700 a day on a short story (which will probably end up not entirely that short). I could have aimed for a lower target, but that would have meant working on Saturdays and Sundays and one thing I […]

today's alpha draft addiction is the em-dash

The playlist for the kelpie story is full of drowning songs. Sinking songs. Listening to it is like having all the air siphoned slowly out of my lungs while weariness expands like a squeaking black balloon in my head. I suspect I need to write this story very, very quickly — or else very, very […]

i can't help but count the seconds ticking by

Time is proving more elusive than usual, of late. This is possibly (shh, don't tell anyone) due to being a smidge over-committed. On pretty much all fronts. There's the personal deadline for the zero draft of the faerie novel, which is fast approaching (and the recalcitrant thing shows no signs of approaching its narrative end […]

Sale to TPP!

I have a confession to make: for a couple of months now, I've had some Good News that I've not been able to share. And by good news, I mean KERMIT-FLAILINGLY AWESOME NEWS! It has been very difficult not to share this news with you all, and I feel most strongly that you should all […]

New Interview: Galactic Chat

Hola! I am lifting my head from the morass of editing this one story I never want to see again1 and drafting this other story I don't want to have to write2 to tell those who find such things interesting that there's a new interview of me up online. This one is a little different, […]

Let me 'splain — No. There is too much. Let me sum up.

Back in June, I guest-posted over at David McDonald's blog, on the topic of silence: It’s something I’ve heard at almost every point of wanting and trying to build a writing career: you have to be active on the internet. …But it comes at a cost. There’s the inevitable time pressure, yes, but then there’s […]

some days losing is winning

This weekend just past I threw what little clothes that still fit me into a suitcase, remembered my ugg boots, and skedaddled off to Lake Mulwala for a writing retreat. In a move that will haunt me for the rest of my living memory, I forgot my camera. Luckily, others didn't. The lake is actually […]